AWAKEN TO YOUR SACRED SOUL Divine Inner Union Retreat


Beloved Divine Soul!


🕊🕊 Do you desire to go deeper into awakening of your sacred soul?

🌹🌹 Do you desire to bring sacred medicine into your growth and evolution in your own life?

My Temple Body Soul Sister Sabrina Vedete Elmaliah & I, together with our Divine Partners (Amos and Travis) are brewing and creating in our hearts, and through our temple bodies a beautiful sublime journey for your inner Divine Union to call in your true beloved home into your heart.

Awaken To Your Sacred Soul ~ HIEROS GAMOS ~ DIVINE UNION

May 23-30, 2022 in Costa Rica's 2 of our favorite locations...

Sacred Practices + Sacred Plant and Animal Ally Medicine guided by skillful and masterful teachers and guides.

What else can you offer to your Divine Soul, other than more of getting to know yourself better, to be better at this sacred work on the planet at this time?

We are calling you home to the hearth of all that is whole, sacred and holy.

Guided by divine feminine and divine masculine presence.

Open to ALL BEINGS ~ SISTERS & BROTHERS (couples/shared/solo) who are on the path and open to finding, discovering or diving deeper into AWAKENING their Sacred Soul

to see, feel and connect to what your own Inner Divine Union and Sacred Marriage are here to experience at this time.

We are calling you home to the hearth of all that is WHOLE, SACRED and HOLY.

Guided by divine feminine and divine masculine essence and presence…

Awaken Your Sacred Soul ~ HIEROS GAMOS ~ Divine Union Retreat Costa Rica 2022



Sacred Plant & Animal Medicine Allies

Emotional Clearing, Quantum & Field Work


Are you seeking to deepen your relationship, connection and intimacy to your Highest Self and to other relationships in your life?

Are you interested in Sacred Rituals guided by Mother Earth, Divine Plant and Animal Medicine, and Healing Practices? In a safe and brave container deep in the Costa Rican jungle?

Are you...

Seeking growth and transformation?

Wanting to heal past wounds and let go of challenging dynamics and projections within yourself, your inner Divine Union and your relationships?

Ready to sit with your process and healing, to witness and release the past?

To set yourself free of limiting beliefs, conditioned programs, old stories, and trauma?

Desiring to resurrect and reignite the passionate fire of love?

To remember your divine nature and fall in love again? With YOU?

In this retreat, you will receive:

If this resonates deep in your soul:

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Sacred Ally Medicine

Multidimensional Transformational Journey in Costa Rica

Open to ALL BEINGS (couples/shared/solo) who are on the path and open to finding, discovering or diving deeper into uniting your inner flames of ignitning your Sacred Soul on fire!

DATES: May 23-30, 2022


Sacred Embodied Teachings we will be connecting with:

Embodied Communication

Plant & Animal Medicine Ceremonies

Honoring the Divine Union

Sacred Integration

YESSS: Costa Rica May 23-30, 2022

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Your Divine Teachers and Fascilitators:

Anya Devi


Anya Devi is an Embodied Divine Feminine teacher, mentor, healer & leader in service to humanity, God, Goddess and all that is Divine.

Anya deeply cares about assisting humanity in reawakening and creating sacred spaces of service and deep emotional healing to support the Earth in the ascension process.

Anya offers sacred work for women, men and couples in group and 1:1 setting through Integrative Emotional Healing Work - The Spiral, Temple Body Arts, Movement, Yoga, Dance, Mindfulness, Shadow Work, Quantum Field Work and Sacred Plant and Animal Medicine.

Anya helps women, men and couples to co-create a healing journey and transformational life together, as Divine Union - inner and outer, showing up in their Souls Purpose Work together, as a conscious, powerful couple, fully integrated, awake, embodied and in service, ready to step fully into their true inner highest Self, knowing of who they are individually and together as one.

Anya is here to remind you of who you are - Divine Magic ~ Sacred Marriage ~ God and Goddess, Divine seed, Creation and Divine Union within.

Anya is a Divine Conduit and Channel of love and healing.

Anya helps you to wake up, see the truth, heal your wounds and embody your mission work on the planet,

Connect with Anya Devi here:

Sabrina Vedete


Sabrina Vedete is a certified Vaginal Steam Therapist & Yoni Crystal Guide, who supports humans in discovering and harnessing their pleasure, passion and purpose.

Through 1:1 Menstrual Analysis, Womb Wisdom Consults, Guided Womb Journeys, Speaking Events, Retreats and more, Sabrina is a passionate advocate for those who desire to heal physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances naturally.

Sabrina has guided womxn towards restoring balance to their bloodtime, wombs, successful pregnancies, embodiment through dance, connection to nature, Great Spirit and releasing that, which does not serve to plant the seeds for our deepest desires to blossom and manifest.

Connect with Sabrina here:

Anya Devi & Sabrina Vedete's are co-fascilitators with their partners Travis & Amos holding space.

You can reserve your spot below or book a call with us!

Costa Rica May 23-30, 2022

Blessed Be!

Awaken To Your Sacred Soul Activation Call Part 1:

Awaken To Your Sacred Soul Activation Call part 2:


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