~ Translucent Waters of the West ~

When my soul clients feel it, I feel it with them.

I integrate deeply the emotions we move together.

Together we shift the energy.

Together we expand and grow.

Together we create change.

Creativity isn’t just about play.

Creativity is about moving beyond what holds us back from co-creation with god.

Creativity is water in motion and in stillness.

Water that moves through the physical density of the matter.

Water that softens the wounded heart and mends the soul back to her true essence.

Creativity is rivers of tears full of heartache for the poets to collect into a poem and for the bards to sing into a song.

Creativity is a heart broken into million crimson roses.

It is born from a place of sovereign beauty and grace.

To shape into form out of divine supernatural being.


You are that being.

Merge together with YOU.





Level 2 feels. #thespiral #creativity #shadowmagic #greatsaltlake

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By Anya Devi - Published 2/8/2021
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