Have you been living in a state of shame and guilt, because it’s been placed upon your precious being in many uncompromising rigid ways?

The natural divine human being is not meant to be contracted.

The organic way of our healing is in our connection to the Earth, to the Sky and to the Heart.

Allow yourself to ground and root the pain and sorrow of the heart into the Earth through the ruby red blood flowing through your body, reclaiming your knowing of what you truly deserve.

Allow yourself to rise from this dense place of heavy unworthiness into the Sky through the cosmic spiral flow of your pure divine light, streaming from the center of your being.

You are no longer being a slave to the conditioning of the system controlling the minds of humanity.

You are purifying yourself with the deep acknowledgment of your watery flowing emotions, while dancing in the ring of fire upon the altar of your golden heart.

How can we honor and acknowledge all those parts of ourselves that have been suffering with dogmatic instructions on how to be and how to live for decades and generations?

How can we honor this invisible illness, that has kept us in self isolation from the world? Inside our human bodies... alone, depressed, scared, stressed, in panic and shock. Often not seeing and not being visible to the world around us.

Being a victim to this is no longer an option.

Being in control of these low vibrational senses no longer aligns with the true frequency of the heart.

Rising from the heavy and dense wounds of the past requires courage and awareness.

Are you ready to do the same?

I am here to help you and guide you out of the darkness and into the radiance of your true light that does not dim and in fact is longing to shine in it’s full limitless potential of your Soul’s beauty!

Message me to learn more about The Spiral and to see if we are a soul match to work together through this incredible journey πŸŒ€


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By Anya Devi - Published 2/11/2021
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