I am here to help you shift into your true authentic paradigm.

I am here to help you look and see deep inside your Soul.

You will remember that your wings will always find you.

No matter how broken or beaten they have been.

Their forgotten strength is deeply remembered in your precious Soul.

You can recollect this gift and resurrect them. Rebuild them.

They are coming to you now.

All you have to do is simple: be YOU.

Maybe it’s not the one you may think you are...

Bring forth the one who may have been held back or may have been hiding or forgotten.

Behind your choices that are made by your inner critic, saboteur, procrastinator, cynic, narcissist.

It’s possible to be it all and also to atone for all.

To remember that you are pure.

That in order for you to bring your mission through, you may have to forget it all.

You may have to leave it all behind.

To start new.

To walk your own timeline of goodness streaming forth from your heart.

In order to bring forth your Soul’s mission here on Earth.

You must rise up in ALL your sovereignty.

Connect to your integrity.

Walk with courage.

Go in service.

As it must always be.

Fly free of your burdens.

Trust the path.

Know that you’re not alone.

That we will not falter.

May wisdom guide your path.

Our watch continues.

Our duty is true.

Our purpose is pure.

You have faced much.

When the heart hurts.

When the soul cries.

When everything in your beautiful life is dark and sad.

And hopeless.

When the song won’t sing.

When the dance won’t begin.

When your best friend isn’t getting better.

When your beloved is suddenly a stranger.

When you miss your mom and daughter.

When you are both and you are ALL.

And you cry yourself to sleep into a black pillow vortex.

I pray to God and ask for it all to be ok.

Or to be taken away.

If only in a dream.

All things could get resolved.





When is salvation coming for all of us in the end?

When is the end?

Your mission has nothing to do with your inner critic.

Your mission has nothing to do with the voices, that are programmed into your mind to keep you small, isolated, alone, processing and hibernating.

By all means. I have done all of that.

Only to realise.

I am my own inner hero.

A saviour.

A source.

Stop listening to the crowd of opinions inside your mind and listen to the mother light language of your Soul.

Listen to the part of you that is devotion, that in the time of despair and hopelessness, you are reminded about the faith we are all born with, so we may remember, that we are not only human but also divine and we can go after the truth no matter how impossible it may seem, so we can bring the truth back to be reunited with the love in the kingdom inside of the heart chamber.

That holds your heart.

We ignite the holy flame and we burn away all that doesn’t serve this timeline any longer...

Are you here with us? 👇🔥🙌

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By Anya Devi - Published 3/1/2021
Category: Post