Beloved Being πŸ’«

I have been thinking of you for the last few thousands of years.

This time of your life has been so deeply magical and also painfully transforming in my mind, heart and my gut β™₯οΈπŸ’«πŸŒ€πŸŒ•

The energy is always asking us to declutter not only our minds but also our daily lives.

And while we continue entering and moving into the new year, we continue to prepare for what is to come ahead.

Clear out the entrance and prepare your home for the divine magic to enter. While sweeping, cleaning, cooking nourishing food, folding clothes, doing handy work or any other chores ~ connect in your mind with the Medicine Woman/Man within yourself and what you have to offer as your healing medicine.

Declutter the mind and look for the gift of YOU

πŸ’« What is in your medicine bag?

πŸ’« What are your favorite tools?

πŸ’« What is the secret medicine you offer?

As the Heart and Soul are in full outpouring of the blessings of medicine, we can traverse within our own multidimensional minds along side each other, between the worlds, receiving the messages that are being passed on through us for ourselves and others.

And through the gift of the wounded healer within the Medicine Woman/Man you see the wounds and scars that make you ~ YOU.

As you become The Healer ~ Light Worker of the World ~ Keeper of sacred medicine, discovering your gifts and medicine, your own wounds and traumas are embraced, transformed and healed. Your wounds become the blessing medicine for this world.

πŸ’« How may I serve?

πŸ’« How may I be of service here on Earth?

Give your prayers back into the light of the heart even if it’s hiding behind the snowy dark sky. 🌌

I have witnessed all prayers for thousands of years.

I see you and I bear witness to your magic ~ Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine ~ Divine Union.

Bowing to all of you Devis and Devas, holdng you close in goddess embrace, whenever you need healing 🌹

Awen, Amen

Blessing Energy to All


Reach out to me, if you are seeking your medicine in the depth of your being. I have something to offer to your Soul. 🌹

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By Anya Devi - Published 3/1/2021
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