Inner reflections, upgrades and updates.

Healing the wounds.

It’s a never ending soul quest.

Ready to share some.


Do you have a reaction/reflection when you hear or read the word “god” or “goddess”?

I can totally relate with all the emotions.

From atheism to seeking, finding, devotion to pain, disappointment to apathy to seeking and finding the feminine.

The feminine aiding me in finding my way back into the masculine.

I had to deal with these emotions, until I healed this trauma and wounding.

Until I unplugged my mind from the conditioning and the collective consciousness.

Until I brought myself back.

The message a few days back was strong.

Except I didn’t share it.

Must be that current time of “being”.


Bring your soul back home.

Women and men of god.

Bring your soul back to the source.

Remember why you came here.

The pure divine being of light, love, truth and liberation.

Liberation from programming and conditioning of your mind.

Allow your ego self die.

Allow your world turn dark.

So you can come back.

To see with more clarity.

To bring your precious medicine.

And when you are in the dark cave of the worlds.

There will be few grieving and mourning.

Some may even be cheering and rejoicing.

Many will stand up.

Many will wake up.

Many continue going.

Allow the ego mind die.

Allow this death transcend the corruption in your world.

What was it that corrupted your being?

If you woke up, have you questioned?

Who programmed your mind and body to act and behave in inorganic and inauthentic ways?

In return for your Soul.

Most precious divine presence.

Most powerful kindness.

The true divine wisdom of teachings how to be the most unique and true humanKIND.



World Soul.

Cosmic being.

Absolute unity.

Rational skill in creativity.

Personified wisdom of god.

Knowledge about the essence.

We have forgotten this wisdom for thousands of years.

And when we remembered, we again were taken away.

We want to find and follow the path built on the divine life and teachings, yet we continue to condemn and deny the whole truth.

Remember the true way of showing of the ego's death.

For the heart to resurrect from that darkness and for the wholeness to be restored inside each one of us.

So we could come back and show the wounds that have been restored by miracles.

So we can show and teach how we did it.

So we can heal together.

Each one of us.

And heal the world.

So we can all do that.

Do you see yourself cheering on the front lines?


Satisfied, scattered and still hungry?

Are you still depressed, sad and angry?

Are you splashing your emotions all around your people?


🔥Are you awake, inspired, in truth and in service to the divine mission of helping and guiding people out of slavery in their mindset?

🔥Are you doing something in this world to contribute your service in some way to the real pain that is happening on the planet at this time?

🔥Are you standing for something that stems from and is felt deeply in the center of your heart?


All those who have been affected have been transformed.

The dark time is the time to awaken.

Go into the darkness of your heart.

Let your ego descend to the center of your being.

Offer it into the fire of your pure love.

Let your heart re-awaken.

Remember who you are.

Return with more Divine Wisdom.

Be holy.

Become the Holy Grail.

Be merciful and true.

Divine Essence.

Divine Wisdom.

Tend to your bleeding wounds of the heart.

Let yourself heal in the presence of divine radiance or pure light and truth.

Truth that is not here to cause you any more fear, pain and suffering.

Truth that is here to set you free.

You will not find it on the frontlines of divided home within your own land.

🔥What do YOU remember about yourself?

🔥What war are you really winning or losing inside your being?

🔥Can your Soul truly see what is at stake of the entire world and the planet Earth?

You are a pure divine soul embodied in your human form, experiencing life on the planet Earth.

She called us.

We heard her.

And we answered.

We came to live.

We came to be.

We came to serve and fulfill our missions of love, truth and wisdom.

For a moment or a thousand we may have forgotten.

We may have been corrupted.

We may be still controlled and manipulated.

I don’t stand for what is hateful, abusive, oppressing, violent or corrupted.

I stand for humanity and all it’s true grace.

For anyone who is quiet, afraid and vulnerable right now ~ I send you my divine love. ♥️

💋 The Divine Pure Source of Faith, Hope, Love and healing.



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By Anya Devi - Published 3/1/2021
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