Take a good compassionate look into your life through the lotus eyes of your ancestors.

No judgement.

Only gratitude.

Honor all that brought you here.

Feel your lineage.

The ones that still remembered.

The ones that died before they were actually dead.

The ones that never woke up.

Listen to all through your body.

Abide within your own vessel of wisdom.

Feel your DNA stripped.


Look up once in a while and take a deep inhale ~ it is the Universe itself giving you this breath in exchange for your very exhale.

Your ancestors are breathing through your whole existence...

Can you remember all the way back when it matters?

When you are alive and with purpose?

When the Earth speaks through them and you listen?

When the Earth bears witness of you under the Bodhi tree?

Look at your life now and feel yourself breathe.

Open your lotus eyes to your life.

Receive 💫

Namaste 🙏♥️🌹🌕

By Anya Devi - Published 1/27/2021
Category: Post