🌹ARE YOU READY to RETREAT in 2021? 🌹

Hey loves, I am currently packaging an incredible in person offering for my Soul Sisters for end of July - early August 2021 in the mountains near Helena, Montana.

This is for you if you desire to reconnect and rediscover your Soul, your Soul’s purpose, your sacred Why and what you truly stand for.

Are you ready to completely release what is holding you back from fully healing and embodying your Soul?

Are you ready to step into her shoes?

⁣ She, who is READY to take another chance at being true to her SOUL.⁣

⁣ She, who is BRAVE and willing to make a VOW to her SOUL to go on her own inner pilgrimage and her own Dark Night of the Soul.⁣

⁣ She, who is sick and tired of being where she is in a place of stuck, stagnant, old, cold and frozen patterns of her life.⁣

⁣ She, who is done with being late to her own PURPOSE work, lazy in recognizing her own stories of “never, not yet, tomorrow or next Monday". ⁣

⁣ She, who is ready to say “HELL YES” to her Soul NOW.⁣

⁣ She, who is willing to go on the powerful DIVINE journey of her purpose work now.⁣

⁣ She, who is scared, but knows she must go anyway.⁣

⁣ She, who has had enough with her own SELF standing in her own WAY.⁣

⁣ “MONTANA DREAM” ~ a MOUNTAIN (glamping) RETREAT ~ a Divine Journey of deep inner work and excavation of Soul to seek, find, revive, light your fire and bring divine sacred offerings into the world through your body temple.

⁣ This is for you if you are not sure where to go at this crossroad in your life, how to seek, find and fulfill your Soul’s deepest purpose work and to begin to live the life you truly desire for yourself and the world. ⁣ This is definitely for you if you are open to new pathways, true ascension, divine energy work, supernatural activations/transmissions/healing in all aspects of your divine being.

⁣ “Montana Dream” ~ Multidimensional Cosmic Healing Mountain Retreat with Anya, Jessica Green Jensen, Stacey Rohr, RayLynne Weber Cooper, Leraine Horstmanshoff - incredible healers, teachers and practitioners come together to offer this one of a kind transformational experience to have together - 4 nights/3 full days, intimate limited space.


Click above for more and to schedule a 30 min call with me to know more and to see how we align for this unique and one of a kind mountain healing retreat! Or email back with any questions! It’s time to transform and ignite your Sacred Soul on Fire, to burn away the old and to rise in your true unapologetic power!

And more is coming soon!

With so much divine love,



By Anya Devi - Published 4/16/2021
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