I am calling to some incredibly brave women out there.

Goddess ~ Queen ~ Divine ~ Woman

To take a deep look within your SOUL.

And truly ask yourself.

~ Have you WELCOMED your Highest Self?

~ Have you claimed your ALL IN?

And I also want to let you in on a secret.

My next live retreat of 2021 “Montana Dream” is more than you can even imagine!

~ It is COMPLETELY Epic ~ Exquisite ~ Deep ~ Inner Excavation of your SOUL from the depth of your whole being.

~ It’s where you begin the mysterious journey into the deep dark cave of the heart.

~ You begin the practices of healing, nurturing your Soul with gifts of the Earth of grain, water and presence of the divine guidance through all the layers of forgiveness, acceptance, commitment, dedication, teachings, and transforming yourself through ALL that you give yourself permission to FEEL and to BECOME.

~ You transmute into the truest version of who you are deep at the core of YOU.

And while you take on this “ALL IN” incredible, divinely guided journey within, you also simultaneously begin to create and activate the life YOU deeply desire…

You release the shackles and the chains of the mind.

You let go of the stagnant and old ways of being.

You GET to choose your VOW.

You get to CLAIM your unique PURPOSE.

You get to OWN your deepest, truest, most authentic SOUL.

~ How long have you been waiting for that?

All you gotta do is simply make the decision now.

Decision to just GO ALL IN.

And I can guide you here.

And I can keep reminding you of who you are.

Through some hard work, commitment and dedication.

We both know.

This work isn’t easy.

When we lean into the fear, it gets to be the most exuberant sensation and it GETS to be fully experienced in order to have yet another layer of liberation of your SOUL be shed into the fire of your deep true love.

in the way of the Feminine and by the Divine Soul-led guidance through super-natural, energy, emotional clearing pathways.

I am creating this sacred space for you.

You are SAFE and you are SEEN here sister!

In the time of your deepest sleep, you still knew and did what was needed.

In the time of your purest, potent and most painful awakening your SOUL whispered "ALL IN" in that moment.

Now its your turn to back your SELF up!

Rise from the slumber and do some INNER WORK.

Make the decision to go ALL IN on your soul now.

Something that prompted your courage and bravery to be MORE than you have been till that moment in time when your SOUL made that decision and your BODY leaned in and allowed the feeling to be present and you knew that you ARE enough.

In that moment you KNEW you could and you DECIDED.

You were ready and willing to show up and do what it takes to show up ALL IN.

~ So how do you follow through?

~ How do you, day after day, continue this knowing?

~ How do you keep the connection to that choice and decision to be WHO YOU ARE and to be ALL IN?

~ What does it take to just simply BE in it ~ “without a doubt or second thought, or on the other hand?”

~ And the days/weeks/months/years of not doing it/not going all in/not fulfilling and constantly seeking externally that which is buried deep and is wailing from inside with pain and sorrow, trying to get your attention?

~ That you turn your attention to everything and anything except to your own SELF?

Yes, some of us will have shivers up our spine because we are afraid to be afraid and look our fears in the eyes and recognize that after all the years of blindly living in so much fear we can actually speak about it, face it, look at it, sit with it, learn from it, nourish it and let it become your ally... NOT doing the inner work, not paying attention to the voice inside is what’s been missing all along.

~ Have you been trying to build your new life on top of an old foundation that is rotting and sinking into old patterns and old stories?

I can tell you now it won’t work and you will always be afraid.

I personally had to recognize and excavate the foundation of my old stories, patterns, beliefs, conditioning of my mind, of my culture, traditions, political views, military regime, religious absence and sooooo much more, I haven't even begun fully speaking about…

I have been for a while and I will always be deconstructing any limiting beliefs that come into my mind or I detect within myself on some level of my humanness.

I had to commit to show up for myself, and do the hard, deep, inner, excruciating work to transmute and transform my frozen patterns, my shadows and my demons into the medicine work I am now offering.

Through this time I had to choose to go ALL IN for myself and to stand up for justice, dignity and honor, and to create many boundaries around feeling small and speaking my truth when needed.

I continue to shed layer after layer and continue to do my deep inner work of clearing and deconstructing all my conditioned beliefs and limiting thinking.

I am constantly liberating myself from within to continue being connected to the divine at all times.

I always remember who I am even when my old self shows up.

I know how to dance in the shadows.

And I always win.

You can too choose to WIN.

With God and Goddess within.


“Montana Dream” 3 day retreat is in the works and I am excited to see if you are feeling it already! Message me for more info or book a free call with me from the link in the comments.








By Anya Devi - Published 4/16/2021
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