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Beloved Woman πŸ•Š Sacred Spirit of Divine God πŸ’—

We are so honored to invite you into a beautiful pristine nature of Montana mountains and into the healing Sanctuary space nestled in the beauty of the forest trees, fields, rivers and the cowboy country...

We welcome you to journey with us on this mystical pilgrimage of radical, supernatural healing, wisdom, teachings and discoveries from within each one of us.

The Sacred Spirit is here to prompt us to explore practices, tools and embodiment of the Divine God and Goddess held within you through many offerings of natural and supernatural practices.

We will be together in the magical and multidimensional process of unique transformation and creation of:

β™₯️ Unconditional Love and Support

β›° Mother Earth ~ Father Sky ~ Sisterhood ~ Community

🌈 Multidimensional Quantum Healing Work

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈYoga with Live Sound Healing ~ Meditation + More

🎢 Live Music ~ Singing ~ Sound Healing

πŸ™ Ceremony ~ Sacred Sanctuary Space ~ Sister Sharing

πŸ’ƒ Embodiment Movement ~ Live DJ Ecstatic Dance

πŸ•Š Healing Practices ~ Creative Journaling ~ Relaxation

🎀 Sacred Conversations ~ Temple Arts ~ Wisdom Teachings

🍎 Delicious Simple Nurturing Meals ~ Water/Tea/Coffee Snack-Bread bar

πŸ™Œ Spirituality ~ Natural Magic ~ Shamanic Breathwork

🌹 Intimate vast space with outdoor camping/cabins/tents/teepees options.

🐸 Kambo Ceremony ~ 1:1 Sessions & So Much More ++

There is a profound divine alchemical magic that happens when we gather in our feminine goddess energy together.

During this pilgrimage of body, mind and soul we will call forth and reclaim the Alchemical Sovereignty of the Woman in you, who is whole and holy into herself.

She is wielding many tools of love, truth and divine alignment. She is shining her bright light into the world for everyone to see and reawaken.

She knows without a doubt.

She sees the truth in all things.

She hears and speaks her whole heart.

She gives and receives her true love.

She stands in her full power.

She dances and she creates the flow of life with love, truth and faith.

She believes...

Her smile is full of mystery, her feet are as light as feather and she is full of her own sacred mythical poetry.

As we embody her presence, we breathe into her magic.

A very intimate space in a one of a kind and once in a lifetime transformational multidimensional healing portal.

Please see below for more info and dates and to book a call with me to connect about the retreat from the link below!

I am honored to co-create this retreat with incredible teachers! It’s going to be a divine ascension blast! πŸ™ŒπŸŒΉπŸ•Šβ€οΈ



By Anya Devi - Published 4/16/2021
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