Sister 💗

Have you had a long and isolated winter?

Are you ready to show yourself a little more in the world?

Are you desiring to be seen and to connect to other divine human beings?

Are you willing to find yourself again and to remember who you are?

To finally see, recognize, know and feel how to simply be YOU.


Beautiful Magical Woman ~ Goddess ~ Queen

It has always been about being you...

all those times when you weren’t...

It’s ALL about being YOU!

The secret is in SIMPLY being YOU.

So much is conditioned in front of that word.

So much is distorted and misunderstood of its true meaning.

For me…

To be truly ME means to be in union with God. To have healed that wound. Finally.

I am free.

To simply be me.

To wake up with the stirring of nature into the dreamy early dawn.

To feel stillness in my human body.



Connect to MAGIC.

To rise with the Sun and be blessed by the mystery and visions of the East... To be kissed by air. To receive this gift of each new day. To feel the spring. To greet the sunrise. To connect to the new birth each new day and to begin again each morning. To bathe in the sun. To know hope and remember faith. To see the wind, to feel the breeze, to play with butterflies, dragonflies, to hear the birds sing, to welcome hummingbirds and to fly above within the eagle's eye, to dance with the magical sprites and fairies. To remember what it feels like to be whispered to by the Divine.

My true self is the essence of my soul.

Simply being me means to be raw, honest, authentic and true, as I turn towards the power of the South and of the Sun. I stand in the midst of fire and allow the graceful warrior within me RISE, TRANSFORM, TRANSMUTE through the heat of my practices all that no longer serves me. My Truest Self stands firm in her fight and her battle, rising and resurrecting from the flames and ashes like Phoenix. Knowing the sacredness of being reborn. Undergoing so many rebirths of my own, as I also guide others through their unique initiation journeys. My true self rides upon the fire breathing dragon and her tiger.

My true self is the divine soul on fire.

My Soul is the majestic flow of the West... She is the water - mother of us all, nurturing and embracing before we are even born, from the moment we were in the womb until now… every step of the way... I turn to the oceans, the rivers, the waterfalls. The streams. The dreams. The emotions. Pure unconsciousness of deep waters upon the Earth. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Tenderness. Power of flowing, sensual softness and fluidity. My Soul connects to the dolphins, to the wales, to all sea creatures, plants, corals, shells and pearls, that are worthy of priceless infinity.

My true self is the divine wisdom from within.

My simply being me is who wanders into the Underworld within the Earth and brings back the power of truth and stability of the North... The foundation of who we are. The earth. The layers of the underground. Truly feeling honor and release of old stories, facing and recognizing the shadow. In this place you have no choice BUT to reclaim your ground. Face Death in order to be reborn and to rise. To be and to sit in the darkness with You. With your Shadows. Letting go and releasing of old paradigm. Finding and earning your own Trust.

My true self is the Shadow Dancer.

I turn up towards the mysteries of Heaven. The sun. The day and the night. My highest Self aligns to all the realms and all dimensions are at my fingertips and in return the stars align with my Soul every day, as I walk my path towards the highest purpose and service to the humanity, to the divine god and goddess. My Soul is at home here in the ether of the Sacred Sanctuary she gets to bring into her own temple body.

My truest ME atunes to the sustaining confidence of the earth... to the gravity and the pull. I surrender and offer my gratitude to the Divine ~ Mother ~ Earth ~ Sophia for never ending support, nurture and sustaining power. I give to her all that I no longer need. Surrender to her true divine loving energy of the mother.

I step up in courage and in the strength of my Sovereign center... my own wants and desires, the passion and creation, the intuition and wisdom in the body, mind and heart.

I remember that I rise in the east with the sun each morning. I live and I fight with all my kindness and passion. I rest in the west as the moon rises. And I descend into the darkness and shadows with the night fall, so that I can rise again into the light in the east each new day to remember who I am..

To remember who I am…

To continue to live this life as a regenerating energy of love, service as a human body, daughter, mother, wife, friend, sister, guide… or simply a woman.. And a SOUL.

Being the blessing energy of Divine Mother Earth.

Being the Blessing energy of Holy Father Sky.

I am you and you are me.

Your Truest YOU.


Beautiful Goddess!

I want to take you on a journey and show you the depth of your TRUEST being, where you find the most hidden parts of yourselves, where you gather and create a medicine for your Highest Self and for your life.

Through this conscious inner quest of your Soul, you WILL be brave to go in a search of the LIGHT that is held deep within, you will take a piercing look in order to see and feel and possibly be a bit afraid of this dark space within in order to shift and to decide to be whole and holy as you are now.

Yes, you will make that decision of the unknown and the most valuable, most precious gift, that's being held deep inside of you.

But first, let's make a vow together, now that we have found each other at last.

This vow is of the innermost deepest divine Sacred Rage of Love. Love that stands up for the Soul and the Soul's Purpose here on Earth.

You have to make a conscious vow to go beyond the place you have never gone before.

You must go farther then you have ever been before and you must go deeper then you have even imagined.

You have to be willing to transmute the darkness into light and to transform your wounded-ness into wholeness.

Transmute the ATTACHMENTS and demons of your ego mind.

Transmute the DELUSION and Not Knowing

Transmute the blinding LIES and Old Stories.

Transmute the shackles of ANGER and Grief.

Transmute the vision of SHAME and unworthiness.

Transmute the sense of frozen patterns of GUILT.

Transmute the illusion of holographic FEAR.

And the most sacred vow:

To transmute the image of YOU, where there are parts of you, where you think are not of your TRUEST SELF...

So you may bring ALL of who you are HOME.

I invite you to a sacred journey - 5 Days /4 Nights happening this summer in the beautiful land of Montana to RETREAT, explore and experience the most potent and magnetic transformation of your life!

See more in the OFFERINGS tab! We do have limited space, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Love, Anya

By Anya Devi - Published 4/28/2021
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