Beautiful Yogini ~ Goddess ~ Shakti ~ Queen ~ Divine Woman ⁣

⁣ I want to tell you a little about one of my passions and some of what I feel about it. ⁣

⁣ My gratitude for this Divine gift has no bounds. ⁣

⁣ This practice of - Yoga⁣ ⁣

To me, as a student of yoga - yoga is a divine tool to keep us connected, re-centered, re-grounded, re-united with oneness and wholeness. ⁣

⁣ With each other. ⁣

With ourselves. ⁣

Individually and supported by the whole. ⁣

⁣ To be a student of yoga has always been something special and continues to be an incredible personal rich experience of coming home into one’s Soul. ⁣

⁣ Becoming and being a yoga teacher has been a consciously chosen journey for my whole being. ⁣ ⁣

A Desire to grow and expand. ⁣

An Honor to embody in this lifetime. ⁣

A Gift to receive and to pass through. ⁣

A Healing medicine.⁣

A Divine gift from the Soul. ⁣

⁣ Oftentimes yoga can awaken the lost parts in you, that make you want to not face your self, your truth, your Soul. ⁣

To hide. ⁣

To be afraid.⁣

To be ignorant.⁣

To be humble and meek.⁣

To be angry or aggressive.⁣

To project those emotions onto self and others. ⁣

To run away.⁣

⁣ And many of us do. ⁣

⁣ And many of us come back.⁣

We return time after time to a practice of yoga in many different ways. ⁣

⁣ Often unconsciously, while we sleep through some parts of our existence. ⁣

⁣ Often on the actual mat.⁣

⁣ Breathing and being mindful. ⁣

Sitting and meditating. ⁣

Moving and shaking. ⁣

Laying and dreaming. ⁣

Resting and regenerating. ⁣

Feeling and experiencing. ⁣

Gestures and sounds.⁣

Postures and philosophy.⁣

Being present in the now.⁣

Daily commitments to discipline.⁣

Daily practices and connection to Self.⁣

⁣ There is so much more that is simply impossible to express in all the possible ways. All the languages combined can not express how yoga can affect every moment of your life.⁣

⁣ When we choose consciously to return time after time to our practices. ⁣

⁣ I see why we need teachers, mentors and our Soul-sisters! ⁣

⁣ They are divine guides for us to keep us on track. ⁣

⁣ While being in a role of teaching yoga keeps us aligned to Soul and our vessels somewhat healthy and vibrant. ⁣

⁣ When, what we, as teachers teach, is fully aligned with the Highest Good and the most divine Self, that is connected to be a part of that oneness and wholeness -- as a student and as a responsible teacher, who is here to guide their students into self realization through the guidance of their Soul... ⁣

⁣ When what we teach is aligned with Soul, it is our service to ourselves to have become the teacher in this physical body. ⁣

⁣ Being a yoga teacher becomes our fuel.⁣

⁣ Fuel to bring what we came here to deliver, even if what we are delivering has absolutely nothing to do with the practices of yoga…⁣

⁣ Yet… it has everything to do with it.⁣

⁣ The embodiment of a Yogini ~ a feminine essence fully united and in harmony within her body temple.⁣ ⁣

Not perfect.⁣






At peace.⁣

At ease.⁣

Aligned to Soul. ⁣

Sovereign with God Energy.

⁣ Being a yoga teacher (maybe you are one or this is an example of what I feel) keeps us in line on a daily basis, because we know deeply what we are here to deliver. ⁣ ⁣

Teaching yoga has been a gift in my life. It is a service and a blessing from the highest Self within each one of us. ⁣

⁣ So if you are out of tune, my one advice is - tune into your own self ~ your body, mind, heart, spirit, energy... ⁣

⁣ Your 5 Koshas 💕 (Bodies)⁣

⁣ Remember who you are Goddess... ⁣

⁣ You have all the tools already within you.⁣

⁣ It’s about the divine timing of activating the inner knowing of what your gifts are. ⁣

⁣ For you to realize, that it’s truly not about what you teach or what words you say. ⁣

⁣ It’s about your energy. ⁣

⁣ Your unique way of being. ⁣

⁣ You may also find this on the mat. ⁣

⁣ Or you may take it off the mat into your world. ⁣

⁣ Yoga is my tool to keep me aligned and always connected to the energy that moves me, and creates through me, and shows new possible ways of healing, feeling and being... ⁣

⁣ Yoga is a Teacher speaking to me, through me and out into the world. ⁣

⁣ For you it may be a different, your own unique way of expression as an artist, healer, light worker, teacher in you, fill in the blanks _____ ⁣

⁣ And in some instances, yet you feel that you are still holding back and often you may be frozen in an old pattern, that still prevents you from expressing fully that thing that, you know, you came here to deliver into the world.⁣

⁣ ... goddess... ⁣

if you have ever wanted to bring your voice, your message, your offering into the online world, this message may be for you: ⁣

⁣ ❤️YOU are an incredible. ⁣

⁣ 👯‍♀️People want to be with you⁣

⁣ 🐚People want to hear from you⁣

⁣ ✨You are a beautiful divine star⁣

⁣ 🌙Bring yourself forward into the world and offer your precious presence 🌹🌹🌹⁣

⁣ 🌹You are so loved and you are so desired ⁣

⁣ Bring you gorgeous persona and your bad a💕 self and offer your wisdom and teachings⁣

⁣ 🕊Call for your friends and all the people who’s lives you have touched in some way⁣ ⁣

Offer your energy⚡️and a message, and teach us something ⁣ ⁣

And then... create a beautiful divinely inspired offering for all the beauty to find you 💋⁣

⁣ Your peeps are actually waiting 🤍⁣

⁣ Bring your energy now 🦉⁣

⁣ It’s needed beloved ❤️⁣

⁣ You can create an Aligned to Soul space anywhere you are ⁣

⁣ No need to hide your Self any more ⁣ ⁣

Now is the time ⁣ ⁣

It’s an activation of the right place and of the right divine time of receiving necessary codes and transmissions through each other, as we grow and up-level together to new layers of consciousness, understanding, knowing, remembering who we truly are deep within our bones and the blood lines. ⁣

⁣ Our next in person retreat offering is being currently created to be the guiding light for activation of your unique Soul’s purpose, transformation of your Shadows and creating your own unique pathway of being and your own unique pathway of bringing that thing, you know, you are meant to deliver into the world. ⁣

⁣ To not call you on this deep divine journey would be a disservice to the world.⁣

⁣ The Divine clearly stands in her power. ⁣

⁣ The Divine timing is happening now. ⁣

⁣ Click on the OFFERINGS "Montana Dream" to see and feel into more… ⁣

Let me know what you feel! ⁣

⁣ We somehow come into each other’s radar for a certain reason and maybe a certain time period. ⁣

⁣ For any amount ~ I am grateful. ⁣

⁣ I have had the most amazing teachers and mentors in the world 🙏🌹💋🕊🔮🐍⁣

⁣ 🌸I have had the most incredible students, to whom I devote all my practices, as they pour down through my body vessel. ⁣ ⁣

So much gratitude for god, goddess and the divine gift of yoga in my life. ⁣

⁣ To all of you I deeply bow. ⁣

Namaste 🙏

By Anya Devi - Published 4/28/2021
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