Shadow Dancer ~ Dark Goddess ~ Earth Queen ~ Queen of Death ~ Divine Mother ~ Shadow Huntress

🔥Have you already gone to the Dark Night of your Soul?

♥️ Have you felt the silence of the Dark Cave of your Heart?

🌀Have you seen the most terrified and terrifying parts of You?

🌏Have you heard the cries of the world?

Beautiful Woman and Human ~ When you Rise back up from that descent ~ intentionally chosen or devastatingly out of your control ~ you rise back up as a beautiful pure radiating star!💫

And while you are down there in the darkest of your Soul ~ take a quest inward and question yourself now. Question all your beliefs and all your stories.

~ Did you step down from the pedestal and onto the cold winding down steps?

~ Did you look in the eyes of all the terrifying guards and let them take all that you brought with you on your body as an offering?

~ Did you offer all you have ~ consciously and willingly?

~ Did you step over the threshold of the unknown and scary?

~ Did you turn back to see that it was an illusion?

~ Did you find yourself on the other side of your fear?

~ Did you hear yourself moan, groan and weep in the agony of the world and of your own life-birthing dreams?

~ Did you sprawl on the ground in waves of pain?

~ Did you kneel down in reverence before your own Soul?

~ Did you die?

~ Did you hang on a meat hook of forgotten misery?

~ Did you feel?

~ Did you cry all the rivers of anger for all the injustice and dishonor? Did you wail in anguish?

~ Did you burn yourself in the fire pit of despair?

~ Did you trust? Did you pause? Did you wait?

~ Were you still? Were you silent? Did you listen?

~ Did you hear the calling of your Soul to resurrect and to begin again? To begin anew?

~ Did you embrace the darkest, forgotten, most abandoned parts of yourself?

~ Did you truly authentically feel her? Grieve with her? Cry your tears with her?

Did she hear you? Did she feel you? Did she see you?

Rise to the awareness again and sing your Mantra ~ your Heroine’s journey or your Hero’s and your New Story.

~ How will you show up for yourself and for the world now that you have left everything in the darkest cremation fire altar of your Soul?


⭐️What did you bring back to show us and to heal us with?

🕊What is Her Gift?

⭐️How will your Star shine?

~ «Shadow Magic» with Anya Devi, 2019

Bless 🌹Namaste!

Your journey may begin again - schedule with me for a 1:1 - 30 min connection to see if we align 🌀

By Anya Devi - Published 1/27/2021
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