🔥Dare Your Self to be a Rebel🌹

Do you have a feeling of what being a rebel mean to you?

What do YOU rebel against?

✨Do you ever find yourself lost in an old story that’s ready to be transformed into more than what you believe it to be?

✨Have you ever/always been a rule breaker?

✨If there was something forbidden, would you hack it?

I’ve had many of those rule breaking stories and very little boundaries as a child and teenager.

I would take what I wanted.

I would find a way to get what I liked.

Somehow I did get “broken” and frozen in time...

✨Our “negative” stories are often hard to own. (Those stories aren’t really negative or positive, good or bad. They just are).

Conscious or unconscious, as a child or adult. It’s hard to admit them about ourselves.

As we grow out of being the victims to them, we empower through seeing ourselves from an observer point.

From that part of you that knows truly who you have become, because the victim in you one day decided to no longer be available to be chained down to whatever illusions were keeping you ashamed or afraid to be seen for who you are.

To be heard for your truth.

As a child, I didn’t have money to get what I wanted, so I stole couple of times and I would take if I weren’t given, when I asked.

I also learned to hide my desires, once I was told I couldn’t get/have them.

So I could do what I wanted any way.

And I would challenge any situation that did not feel at peace within my flying open heart.

I always felt the turbulence of emotions flooding my being.

Like the ever-moving high waves in the center of the ocean of love.

The center that storms out all that is not aligned to your truth, to integrity of your natural instinct and divine intuition.

When you grow out of feeling guilty and ashamed, you own all that you are and all that you have received from the Divine this far will guide you to be who you’ve always been.

When you remember who you are.

From woundedness to wholeness.

And while you come out of your shell and out of your hiding, and begin to shine once again

against all odds

In all of your wise radical ways...

Your magnetic rebellious Self will illuminate the world with your soul’s beauty.

And you help people turn and fall away so they may find their own path.

You help them feel uncomfortable, so they may listen to the whispers from within.

You help them look twice and look around for witnesses, so they may let go of fear.

You help them challenge their inner demons and shadows so they may find the most peaceful and authentic part of their Soul.

You create a field of energy and emotion, where all is transformed into the





🌙If you are still afraid

🌙If you are still ashamed

🌙If you are still grieving

🌙If you are still holding on to many non serving you and the world stories and patterns...

It is YOU, who is choosing to stay frozen in your paralyzed will inside a sleeping chamber.

It’s sooooo much easier to cozy up and go right back to sleep.

And when you do go back to sleep - you again will be dreaming.

And this time you will remember all your dreams.

✨Can you stay awake inside your dreams?

Inside of YOU?

✨Going deeper than you’ve ever gone before?

Dare yourself to dream and break “the rules” again.

The rules of the norm and the rules of all that is keeping you in the shackles of illusionary chains.

Dare yourself to see yourself for WHO YOU BE.

Dare yourself to rise and walk.

Hacking your way through all the untruth that keeps you away from knowing who you are.

Dare yourself to go deep and break the rules of all the old patterns within.

Dare yourself to hack beyond your skin.

Beyond those parts of you that have been conditioned, controlled, misguided, mistreated, manipulated or abandoned.

Call home all of who you are with a song of your beating heart,

rhyming with the Earth and all her cycles and seasons.

Receiving from her keepers and guardians all the magical ways of how...

To live a life AS YOU.

As the Rebel ReBorn.

So you may rise through all the old stories that are keeping you in the darkness of your own being,

hacking away at all the programming ever told.

Blessed be 😘


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By Anya Devi - Published 1/28/2021
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