🔥🔥🔥Are you looking for a way to transform your life and ignite your Soul on fire?

To begin living your purpose?

To serve your gifts?

The Spiral ~ an incredible transformational offering for you, if you are ready to be next level YOU in your relationships, business, growth and all styles of life, aligning yourself with your divine aligned soul, purpose and prosperity!

Do you truly really wish to claim and own your Purpose, Vision, VOICE, MESSAGE, POWER?

Are you truly really desiring to be the embodiment of divine service, love, beauty, harmony and healing?

Do you DESIRE to be FREE of the fear that keeps you stuck and frozen in your patterns?

Isn’t it time you change something?

Let go of the fear of becoming who you are meant to be.

Let go of the shoulds and coulds, and the perfectionism, and just show up and do the thing!

You will be FULLY GUIDED!

All you have to do is TRUST a little!

You know you are more powerful than you can even imagine.

Nothing really phases you.

You have no agenda.

You fully claim and own who you are.

You are at ease and peace with each present moment.

You are aligned with the integrity and desires of your Soul.

You are being fully YOU, you know you are meant to be.



ARE you being fully YOU, you know you are meant to be?

You, who is funny, open, relaxed, crazy, spiritual, fun, leader, role model, way shower, magical, pure, powerful, rock star, healer, edgy, deep, vulnerable, incredible divine human being…

You, who can say and do all the things in a natural flowing way, showing up as yourself fully and know that you are loved, welcomed, sought after and longed for!

You, who can offer your gifts into the world truly and fully as you are being truly WHO YOU ARE.

Nothing is holding you back.


Do YOU OWN that part of yourself?

Do you OWN the part of YOU, that is truly FREE to do good in the world, while living a life, fully aligned with your Soul’s true purpose, fully re-claiming your bada$$ rockstar divine goddess essence?

What would your future self say to YOU now if you decided not to re-claim and not to own WHO you are and your Soul’s divine purpose? If you decided not to own it?

What would you do with the guidance of the divine source and with the gifts from the divine that are meant to come through you?

If you decided not to own fully who you are, what would that mean to you?

You know you want to do this thing that is calling you inside your Soul.

You know you can do this thing.

Because you know what’s inside of you. IT IS YOU.


LET GO of fear of becoming who you are meant to be.

Become HER now.

Ask her what she needs to release in order to be fully yourself.

~ What are your biggest challenges right now?

~ What in your life do you currently wish to transmute and transform?

~ What patterns are stopping you from being fully who you are?

~ What would be the next thing to do if you were now fully WHO are you meant to be?

~ What would your life be like now if you truly committed to being who you know deep inside you are meant to be?



Show up.



Decide to flip your switch now and become WHO you are meant to be.

I invite you into this whirlwind of powerful emotions that will sweep you up and truly show you WHO you are meant to be!

Message me for a 1:1 ~ 30 min alchemical council session to see if we align for the Spiral journey!

The Spiral is 9 sessions with me 1:1 ~ 3-4 month journey ~ Divine + Supernatural + Energy & Emotional Clearing + Body/MindSet/Art work to propel you on your path of evolution into your most infinite potential. (Not kidding!😉💋)

Message me if you are ready to spiral with me and rise as a Rebel ReBorn! Gift codes/payment plans are available - please ask! Schedule a free 30 min session with me to see if we align!

So much love!

xoxo Anya

By Anya Devi - Published 1/27/2021
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