Blessing energy to all 🌹

Continue listening to the message within 💫

We are now living in the intense time of awakening and we are taking our responsibility to be the guides to many and to be fully visible for who we truly are to ourselves, family, friends...

It is now time that we take a stand for what we are here to arise and fulfill in this new timeline.

Time to hold back and play small is over.

It is time to re-awaken.

Time to wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Time to BE awake.

Time to realize.

Time to see and acknowledge your own shadows and demons as they surface under pressure.

Time to heal.

Self healing is a fast growing phenomenon during these times.

Time to be aware.

And time to speak up for truth and speak up with grace.

Don’t call anyone out.

Be at ease.

Call home all of yourself.

Speak for the voiceless.

Be the benevolent divine queen and king of your life royally, with dignity, honesty and integrity.

Create healthy boundaries and loving real relationships.

Take your precious attention to the beings of pure light.

Stop feeding your energy to those who are not interested one bit in you or your well-being.

Welcome yourself home into your own heart.

It is now time to forgive yourself for not knowing.

Forgive others.

Find a teacher.

Be reverent to Divine Wisdom ~ Sophia.

Anchor in your true masculine.

Create a safe space for sacred healing.

You are already embodied to live what you practice, love and teach.

Embody your passion. Be real. Be you.

Remember YOU.

You are already whole and also holy.

You are worthy to be of kindness, love and service to all of humanity. To community. To each other. To loved ones. To our own selves.

Practice meditation and PRAY.

It is time we heal all wars within ourselves. It is time we heal all wars within each other and this world.

In whatever way you may serve this world ~ blessed be your purpose in this life.

Deep gratitude to you ALL if you are here with me and listening ♥️ we are here together

🙏 Namaste 🌹

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

🕊Anya Devi - 2019

(2019 was the year we prepared for what 2021 will bring)

By Anya Devi - Published 1/27/2021
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