We must understand that as much, as we are here to bring the light into the world, just as much we are going to be tempted to not do it by all means possible.

There is a lot of interference happening right now.

Stay on the path of remembering who you are and the purpose behind serving your purpose work.

Is to simply serve your purpose work.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

No other agenda.

And it will align with every step of the way you must take.

Finding the beginning of everything is what we came here to do.

Coming back, yet we are not the same.

We see the Divine Wisdom and Source in all.

We carry that pure Divine Wisdom in our hearts.


We must remind ourselves that we are often being controlled and itโ€™s up to us to get going towards what we deeply desire, which is in integrity and alignment with our souls divine purpose here on Earth.

Finding trust, thatโ€™s been and continues being broken.

Becoming who you are inside.

On the outside.

Doing what we came here to do.

Healing our way back to our souls.

To create a journey.

To experience life.

To reclaim our divine birthright to do what we must.

To stand for something.

To stand for someone.

And be willing to give and serve to benefit that which you stand for.

Be anchored in that.

Be firm to stand for something.

So much has shifted already since the Winter Solstice.

Are you feeling it too?


By Anya Devi - Published 1/29/2021
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