In the winter in the North Hemisphere, we connect to the element of the Earth, and to our deep ancestral survival roots. We remember the North Star. We remember to follow the guidance of the North.

We turn within.
To expand into the field. To the ancestors and guides. To the stones and the bones. To the valleys and the mountains. To the big cities. To the bear and the buffalo. To the wolf and the lioness. To the animals, the feathered ones and all living beings. To the deep grounding roots. To the matter. To the true meaning of life and manifestation of your purpose. To all women. To lost men in all wars. To childhood. To all children. To Mother and Father Country. To many places that feel like home, with one’s beloved within and without, and wherever it may take place. To Earth, to body, to blood, to the Sun and to the deep inner understanding. To humbleness, honesty, authenticity. To be fully present in each moment. To alignment, sovereignty and reverence to truth. To the True North. I bow. To remember. To become. To begin anew here and now.

~ Turn to the North and bring your awareness to your roots. Remember your ancestors and give gratitude in your heart for their lives. Ask if there is any message for you here, as you connect deeper to your True North within.

Blessed be

By Anya Devi - Published 12/23/2023
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