My transmission is in speaking my sacred truth








To serve that transmission, we must simply choose to speak the truth from the heart

Speaking what we know is true, to assist many on the path of ascension & re-awakening to the codes of true light & discernment from within

Listening to not what the outside world tells us, but what the heart whispers

Reminding, that we are here to be of service, to help & serve with love & compassion, from the very core of our being

Liberating not only our own souls from programming, but to go on a healing & serving pilgrimage into the world, while being supported & rooted in our knowing, understanding the reality of the world, the truth that is often hijacked, hidden, disguised, denied & ignored

Coming back to remembrance of everything that is..






Being reborn individually out of the shadows, darkness, out of the old & conditioned stories, releasing the false programming, naivety, foolishness, ignorance, that doesnโ€™t serve us or our soul work

Being reborn into the true light of all that is of the highest good in order to benefit all human-kind

.. The kind thatโ€™s made in the image of divine creator & sent here to Earth to remember

Becoming the embodiment, the beacon & the guide of divine truth & love from the center of our being - the heart

Bringing into the world a sacred gift of the Divine Spirit ~ Holy Spirit ~ Divine Mother ~ Living Goddess Gaia Sophia ~ the wisdom & truth of Feminine Christos ~ counterpart to Love & devotion to all her children

๐ŸŒŸ What is your transmission?

๐ŸŒŸ How unapologetic can you be about expressing it?


Blessed be 2024

~ Anya Devi


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By Anya Devi - Published 1/5/2024
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