Why do we often feel sad, when we go back into our childhood memories?

Maybe it’s just for some of us..

We all carry our own essence of the Soul that can be seen through the eyes of God from within

Sadness is a beautiful emotion to allow to pass through

Looking at the pictures of my grandparents as they are both gone

Remembering the love they gave me, yet I feel so much sadness

On one picture we are sitting in the forest

My grandpa and I

I am a toddler

The trees are tall pine trees & they are spread through out the forest

I feel the energy through the image and unconscious memory

So much love and trust in that image

It makes so much sense

We are love

All we have to do is decide to be who we remember ourselves to be

If you are still afraid

Not sure

In doubt

Feel that

In order to remember more of YOU

Transmute through you consciously all the programs that have been placed upon your mind

Otherwise, we remain stuck, unable to move, & make those choices & decisions of becoming ourselves

The switch is always there waiting for you to flip it on & see the image of YOU

To remember

Except you don’t go to it to switch it on

Maybe sometimes

But not very often

Maybe not even daily

It’s not always 100% on

It’s dim or broken

Are you clear with what’s happening in the world?

Are you clear with what YOU are doing and who you are?

Who & what is your influence in life?

How close are you to remembering who you are, who you serve & what your purpose is on the planet?

Get clear & remember

Do not do what makes you happy, do what you remember you must

Surround yourself with memories and images of LOVE

Your childhood

Your grandparents

Your angels


Blessed Be

Anya Devi

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By Anya Devi - Published 1/7/2024
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