As we step into the New Year, we continue to make great efforts to be the best version of who we truly are.

Take a deep breath in..

Drop into your Soul.

Align to Soul and to your Highest Self.

Connect to this feeling every moment, as soon as you wake up.

Stay in touch with reality of the world.

Stay in tune with the truth in your heart.

Attune to the divine wisdom that empowers, and in no way contracts, makes you feel small or powerless.

Wake up more each day to the illusions of the ego mind, trying to corrupt the center of our being.

Being who we are.

Ask: Am I being fully MYSELF?

Choose out of ignorance of being blindly lead by the false illusions of the mind.

Be firm in your courage to pull out the sword of discernment and be the warrior of love and truth, while undergoing, and fighting your own inner battles for the good of all humankind.

The battles between fear and truth.

Have knowledge and wisdom.

Have aligned power and mercy.

Have reverence.

Have courage to stand for yourself and for what you are here to bring through with your Soul Mission.

Have honor to stand with justice by what is a true service and wisdom, you are here to bring.

Through deconstructing illusions and programs of old, false & untrue.

Into the new YOU.

To Live a Life as You.

Envision and Begin Again.

~ Blessed be.

Anya Devi

(published on Saged App 1/8/2024)

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Image by Anabel De La Foret at Awaken To Your Sacred Soul | Costa Rica

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xoxo Anya Devi

By Anya Devi - Published 1/9/2024
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