What does your Soul desire to find and transform in the Darkness?

Transformation and growth are not easy or painless.

Everything we endure and purge is to show us the truth of our being.

There is no light without the dark.

While we ride the rollercoaster into the darkness, rip off the blinders, and let the wound be seen by you, so you can also heal it.

Blast out anything that does not serve, nor belong here in your natural, organic, human body.

Shadow Work is always at the root.

Shadow Magic is always afoot.

πŸ•Š What is your story that awakens the hearts of the masses?

πŸ‰ Are you ready to tell it?


PM me for a free counsel session to see if we are a match to soul work together β™₯️

I would love to tell you more about Costa Rica May 11-17 (image below) & about 1:1 work w/me

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Image by Anabel De La ForΓͺt at Awaken To Your Sacred Soul | Costa Rica with Sabrina Vedete Elmaliah Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam Anya Devi Anya Devi The Alchemical Goddess

By Anya Devi - Published 2/8/2024
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