Let's drop in, as you take your next inhale..

~ Where is your Safe Space?

Can you try and envision what or where your Safe Space is in your memories?

Think back through the years. Don't stop anywhere certain, even for a moment. With hopes of remembering where that would be. See if there is any luck finding somewhere to land and anchor.

Is your Safe Space - a place with another? Amongst other people? A place in Nature?

~ Have you felt safe around feminine or masculine in your life?

~ Have you realized the hard truth about the wound of separation and conditioning between us?

Embrace all of yourself fully and trust with open vulnerability to no longer be afraid to show up truly, as who you are meant to be...

Be the hope for others.

Begin to share your stories.

It takes a lot of inner work and courage too.

To be Here and Now.

Reside within your own self - your Body, Heart and Mind.

Check with your Mind and Heart today.

Your sacred Safe Space is within your Sacred Body.

Your Soul has settled in and is at ease with life and all its joy, and tears.

Feel safe enough inside to welcome everything that is yet to come.

Be the Channel of healing, as your own Sacred Space of feeling safe and protected.

Whisper to yourself..

I am Here and Now.

I am my Body, my Heart, my Mind.

I am Safe.

Go on and BE!

Blessed be

Anya Devi

(Published on Saged app 2/5/2024 Saged)

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Image by Anabel De La ForΓͺt of AWAKEN TO YOUR SACRED SOUL RETREAT ~ Transformational Shamanic Journey with Yoga & Plants in Costa Rica ~ May 11-17, 2024 ~ it is time to say yes to your Soul & to your Healing πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ‰

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