AWAKEN to YOUR stirrings of your surging life force!

During this time of the year we celebrate the beginning of Spring.

This is the time of AWAKENING of the Earth.

Can you hear the Earth stirring?

We call forth and we celebrate the activating power of the Sun, of hope, energy and good vibrations.

This is the time to feel the promise of spring in the last month of winter.

Time to awaken and clear away the stagnancy, dullness and lethargy of cold hibernating months.

Time to grow insights and understanding.

Time to feel and listen to the quickening of the Earth, of her awakening, rising, potent energy.

Bring forth your new ideas into the world from incubation into germination.

Uplevel your energy to manifest your vision coming into form.

It is time to ignite the divine inner spark of your creativity and call forth the fertility of your vision!

Blessings ☀️

By Anya Devi - Published 2/8/2021
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