The Alchemical Goddess Mystery Course (Self Study)

Beloved Goddess, Welcome to Your Sanctuary of Love and of Magic!

The Alchemical Goddess Journey


12 + 1 BONUS WEEK (13) ONLINE Empowering Moon Weeks to Re-Discover, Embody and Walk Your Own DIVINE Path of MAGIC

12 ONLINE Weeks of Alchemical Journey into the Goddess Shakti within

We begin: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 ~ New Moon in Cancer
We end: Sunday, September 22,2019 ~ Waning Gibbous in Cancer

~ The Cosmic Mother embraces and welcomes you home ~

The Alchemical Goddess Journey takes you through many ancient practices, teachings, ceremonies and healing methods. You are guided in your intuition, in your heart, in your roots, in your mind. You are able to call in the mighty directions, elements and forces of love, grace, justice, beauty, wisdom and so much more! You are being asked at this time of your life to remember YOU... You are being called to remember and re-discover the essence of who you are and of your dharma. You are reminded to embody the ways of the divine Shakti within… You are fully empowered to alchemise and integrade what brings you joy into your life…

And on this journey you are not alone!

You will be guided weekly though the magic, the ebbing and flowing of alchemical energy of this divine offering:

Week 1 ~ Awakening ~ Earth ~ Dark & New Moon in Cancer, Tuesday, 7/2/19

Week 2 ~ Realization ~ Air ~ Waxing Moon/1st Quarter in Libra, Tuesday, 7/9/19

Week 3 ~ Shadow work ~ Fire ~ Full Moon in Capricorn, Tuesday, 7/16/19

Week 4 ~ Free Time and Inspiration Magic*~ Waning Moon, last Quarter in Aries, Wednesday, 7/24/19

Week 5 ~ Healing ~ Water ~ New Moon in Leo, Wednesday, 7/31/19

Week 6 ~ Awareness ~ Shiva ~ Waxing Moon in Scorpio, Wednesday, 8/7/19

Week 7 ~ Embodiment ~ Shakti ~ Full Moon in Aquarius, Thursday, 8/15/19

Week 8 ~ Free Time and Inspiration Magic*~ Waning Moon in Gemini, Friday, 8/23/19

Week 9 ~ Soul Alignment ~ Sovereignty ~ New Moon in Virgo, Friday, 8/30/19

Week 10 ~ Magic of Life ~ Celebration and Integration of Divine Inner Marriage ~ Waxing Moon in Sagittarius, Friday, 9/6/19

Week 11 ~ Free Time and Inspiration Magic* ~ Full Moon in Pisces, Friday, 09/13/19

Week 12 ~ Initiation into the Fullness of Life ~ Waning Moon in Cancer, Sunday, 09/22/19

*During Free Time and Inspiration Magic ~ take your time to catch up on the course and share any magical inspiration with us in the private Facebook group!

Beloved Goddess, my name is Anya Higley and I am here in service of Divine Feminine Shakti through offerings, teachings, studies and practices of wisdom and remembrance of Yoga and of Divine Shakti, as it downloads and channels through me and my teachings. I am honored, humbled and empowered to be of service to all women and to all humankind, as a healing, nurturing light of love and compassion, turning the light within and calling deep into your soul.
I am here to hold your space sacred, safe and nurtured.

You will be guided fully.

Into the New Earth in your bones.

Into the Unknown Journey of your heart.

Into the Power of your gut.

Into the Mystery of your creative dreams.

Into the Vastness of your mind.

Into the Story of your ancestors.

Into the Depths of your heart.

Into the Harmony of your polarities.

Into the Initiation of your soul.

Moon-Weekly Offerings will include some/many of these teachings, transmissions, sacred conversations (different inspired/requested topics) and practices. You will be provided these practices as course lessons in the online platform as well as private Facebook group.

Teachings and Practices:

~ Invocation for the week & calling the directions for the element + altar space ~ Goddess inspired ~ Goddess Blessing

~ Grounding Healing Modality for the week

~ Sadhana practice: mudra, mantra, meditation, blessing ~ written practice or live or recorded video

~ Goddess Mystery (story transmission & inspiration)

~ Moon Magic (phase of the moon)

~ Creative Arts and Crafts Magic

~ Ceremony

~ Ritual

~ Sacred Space

~ Resonance

~ Healing practices (different modalities ~ energy clearing healing work for all 5 bodies: Mental ~ Physical ~ Emotional ~ Spiritual ~ Energy ~ divinely guided and muscle tested)

~ Soul Quest - creative writing journaling inquiry (prepare a special journal)

~ Sister Share Circle online Facebook group ~ share experiences, request and offer support

~ Dedication of the week (gratitude)

~ Always more spontaneous magic ~ listening to and trusting divine channeled flow and guidance + inspired action

~ Occasional and optional (Asana and Dance) time together during live retreats and events. (not included in cost)

~ New content as it channels in and your suggestions and requests are always desired and welcomed!

I am a teacher of my heart, of yoga and of all divine that comes through me.

I value accountability and responsibility for your highest good with utmost loving commitment to privacy and to honoring each other’s stories as our own, witnessing and seeing each other through the eyes of love with no judgement. Interaction in the online space is extremely valuable and healing to many and is encouraged and appreciated! As well as willingly chosen solitude and quietude are highly respected and honored!

I value commitment to the deep study of your own inner world, while being triggered in all the possible ways throughout this journey.

All these practices are my offerings to support the Divine Feminine Essence of who we truly are. To remind and to guide ourselves on the path of growth and spiritual journey. To awaken ourselves to our full potential of our purpose. To stand amidst the inner or outer battle of life and to blow the conch of our purpose. To dance in the ring of fire. To rise from the ashes. To awaken each morning. To stir the heart, like the churning of the ocean of love, from which we seek and find our dharma. To know the mysterious ways of our being. This journey is for you if you want to know more of who you are:

~ woman ~ goddess ~ yogini ~ creatress ~ visionary ~ seeker ~ medium ~ oracle ~ wise woman ~ wild woman ~ young maiden ~ psychic ~ mother ~ fairie ~ dakini ~ business woman ~ teacher ~ dreamer ~ dancer ~ guide ~ leader ~ keeper of this earth ~ divine feminine ~ magic ~ enchantress ~ divine spark of inspiration ~ beloved ~ witch ~ beautiful ~ intuitive ~ instinctual ~ womb energy keeper ~ healer ~ divinely guided channel ~ creator of life and dreams ~ guardian of the gates to each direction ~ keeper of the flame of eternal life ~ the alchemical goddess ~ so much more ~

As well as... You may feel “she” isn't good enough or not worthy… Woman, who may feel afraid or ashamed, guilt or she sacrifices too much. “She”, who may be sad and grieving and also is willing to take a look deeper into the heart and into the darkness of the very bottom of her compassionate heart. “She” is a woman who hungers the teachings of the womb wisdom and longs for healing of the heart. “She” is ready to commit to her soul and her soul’s purpose.

I am calling you to join me on this journey and explore the inner magic!

This course is valued at a cost of $1555 but I am being divinely guided to offer it at a low accessable cost of $333 or 3 payments of $111

I welcome you to listen to any sensation in your body and feel if this journey resonates with you and your divine magic. If you feel anything in your belly or your heart ~ butterflies, joy, wonder or sickness and anxiety ~ it is a sure sign to click the link and do the thing!!!

With all my heart and love,

Blessings and Namaste


Blessed Be!


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