Shadow Magic II (Self Study)

~ Shadow Magic II ~ description

Online offering with Anya Higley

4 EMPOWERING weeks to descend into the depth of the SOUL and learn to dance with the SHADOW

Shadow ~ negative emotion that is triggered internally and is surfacing from deep below. It is felt, moved and/or projected onto the world.

Magic ~ super-natural power over natural forces.

Shadow Magic ~ supernatural power to harness the triggered and possibly destructive emotion. Dance within.

As we approach the Fall and WInter, we naturally begin to tune into the darkness of the soul. Often times, dreading and disliking this time of year or the dark season, having no real understanding of the deep beauty and divine restorative guidance of the darkness.

Last year I had a program drop in around shadow work. It was my first Shadow Magic course. I was guided to create a 21 day Sadhana with the goddess Inanna and her story. I named it “21 Day Journey with Inanna”. It was a journey through the guidance of one goddess seeking the answers to her broken heart deep within the Underworld of her soul, unpacking all that she was carrying upon her body, mind and soul, meeting her dark sister and dying in her dark cave of agony, anguish, grief and pain… In that space of darkness is where we may find our true sense of Self, our dharma and the gifts we came here to deliver into the world. We are reborn and we ascend back up into the light with our shadows authentically tucked in under the belt of our ancient wisdom and knowledge.

At the beginning of this year I set a Sankalpa for myself to turn towards my shadows and to face all that I need to face in order to fully show up in the light, releasing the burden of all that has been hidden and abandoned for so long deep inside the dark, fertile, divine soul.

Often times, when we first realize we are no longer oblivious to the worldview and we can sense the re-awakening of the Soul into our true inner knowing, we begin to feel the broken heart for ourselves and for others. We begin to descend into the inner world, inward and down into all the pain, fear, guilt, shame and we acknowledge all that has been ignored and pushed aside by the society, culture, traditions, upbringing. We begin to face our pain, guilt, fear, shame and we begin to consciously shed layer upon layer of all maya ~ illusion and we grieve all our wounds and we allow this time of healing, of hibernating, of inward contemplation and wisdom.

This is a place to begin the churning of the ocean above the deep dark cave of the heart and to begin the practices of healing, nurturing ourselves with grain, water and presence of the divine guidance through all the layers of forgiveness, acceptance, commitment, dedication, teachings, and transforming yourself through all that you give yourself permission to feel and transmute. We begin to churn the ocean within our hearts and over time of mindful devoted practices, unique to each one of us, we are able to find the gifts, offerings, blessings, boons, treasures to bring forth from the depths of our being into the world as a way of healing and offering of OUR own unique medicine of our own unique purpose.


This year I am feeling the shadow work on a deeper level. I have been receiving downloads for the new Shadow Magic offering and it's all about impactful deep inner work, acknowledgement of the soul and the dance amongst our own shadows.

Shadow magic is an even more powerful, divinely inspired and guided ~ spiritual ~ sacred ~ divine ~ energy clearing filled work of healing and clearing out our old stuck emotions that have not been acknowledged, faced and healed for generations. Emotions that are holding us back from living our lives to our fullest potential of our own growth and our own offerings into the world. Those emotions that have been in hiding, that have been struggling to release their grip upon our hearts, that have been slowly eating away at our own joy and our ability to enjoy our lives fully.

This new offering that has dropped in and continues dropping in for me is a deep dive into the depth of our own myths and stories to uncover the medicine within our souls and to bring forth our true purpose of love, magic and true feminine essence as a woman here on earth. Uncovering your own unique way of healing this planet. Listening to the call of the Soul, that is calling you ~ from deep within your heart. Discovering your own shadows and their way of serving you on your path. Awakening to your own divine language of the Soul. Activating within yourself your own unique gifts and offerings that you so bravely came here to bring through.

You are the natural magic, you are the natural enchantress of your own life and it is time you trust your journey into the Underworld ~ into the darkness of your soul.


So, let’s go and be brave together and let’s descend and let’s go through all that we must to meet, to see, to witness, to face all that we have been taught to ignore, to hide, to keep in secret, abandoned, swept under, put in a dark corner or hide in a closet.

It's time to sit in front of what has been tugging on your Soul and see and feel and move it through.

It’s time to clean it up and face our innermost self that has been crying, weeping and calling for generations.

It’s time to clear the energy blocks around our inner shadows, demons and all that is hanging on, holding on, dragging back and down.

We are about to head in and down on a magical journey into the Underworld and I welcome you into the most terrifying and most liberating sacred place within yourself.

We are going to journey together through 4 weeks of 4 different myths, stories and magical practices in which we become every character in each mytho-poetic story and we give ourselves permission to descend fearlessly into the darkness. We excavate all the way down on the quest of finding what the broken heart is longing for. During our time together we will practice in the divine inspiration and guidance of ancient legendary teachings of the dark goddesses, who are fierce and brave in their transformational energy and service to the world.


We will be together for 4 weeks in the divine transmissions through ancient practices of yoga ~ weekly (4) Dark Goddess Sadhana with invocation, mudra, mantra, asana/dance, meditation, Shadow ~ Enchantress ~ Moon Magic practices of ritual, art, craft, sacred conversation, energy clearing and healing practices, 4 group integration calls ~ all divinely guided through the channel of resonant energy and soul.

This 4 week online journey is my offering to support the divine feminine essence of who we truly are as women, as we shift and move through light and darkness in full power and control of our Shakti forces bringing forward our sacred “yes”, our soul purpose and call to action. We are reminded and guided to continue on the path of growth and spiritual re-awakening into our full potential of our purpose here on earth. We are the ones churning our own ocean of love from which we seek and find our dharma. And as Women we know the mysterious ways of our being ~ a woman ~ goddess ~ yogini ~ creatress ~ visionary ~ seer ~ medium ~ witch ~ oracle ~ wise woman ~ young maiden ~ psychic ~ clairvoyant ~ mother ~ fairie ~ dakini ~ business woman ~ she who is ready to fully embrace her dark sister and to offer her deepest truest authentic sympathy to the feminine of her soul and offer all this healing to her ancestors.

I am calling women ~ sisters ~ my soul-mates to join me in the descent into the most terrifying parts of ourselves to find healing… We begin October 21.

Message me with any questions and cost please!

Tier 1 ~ group offering ~ all group content.

Tier 2 ~ group+private ~ all group content + 1 private (in person or Zoom call) energy healing Dark Goddess Sanctuary session (if desired can be added later during the course).

Ask me about both!

Email me at, message me on fb, ig ~ Anya Higley


Blessed Be! Namaste!

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