8 Weeks of Sacred Transformation and Divine Creation for Embodied Feminine Leaders ~ Lovers ~ Creators!

Courageous Dive into the Depth and Darkness of your SOUL to seek, find and bring back the TREASURE, that's being hidden and held deep within your Soul.

7 GATES of Descent into the most fertile pulsating sacred part of your being plus EXTRA SUPERNATURAL MAGIC, EXCAVATION and ACTIVATION of your Divine Soul.

Sacred and Glorious Dark Divine Goddess ~ Shadow Dancer ~ Shadow Huntress ~ Shadow Tracker

I want to take you on a journey and show you the depth of your being where you find the most hidden parts of yourselves, where you gather and create a medicine for your Highest Self and for your Soul Sisters.

Through this conscious inner quest of your Soul, you WILL be brave to go in a search of the LIGHT that is held deep within, you will take a piercing look in order to see and feel and possibly be a bit afraid of this dark space within in order to shift and to decide to be whole and holy as you are now.

Yes, you will make that decision of the unknown and the most valuable, most precious gift, that's being held deep inside of you.

But first, let's make a vow together, now that we have found each other at last.

This vow is of innermost deepest divine Sacred Rage of Love. Love that stands up for the Soul and the Soul's Purpose here on Earth.

You have to make a conscious vow to go beyond the place you have never gone before.

You must go farther then you have ever been before and you must go deeper then you have even imagined.

You have to be willing to transmute the darkness into light and to transform your wounded-ness into wholeness.

Transmute the ATTACHMENTS and demons of your ego mind.

Transmute the DELUSION and Not Knowing

Transmute the blinding LIES and Old Stories.

Transmute the shackles of ANGER and Grief.

Transmute the vision of SHAME and unworthiness.

Transmute the sensation of frozen patterns of GUILT.

Transmute the illusion of holographic FEAR.

And the most sacred vow:

To transmute the image of YOU, where there are parts of you, where you think, that are not of the Goddess...

In order to get to this most delicious sweet nectar of your being, we must take a journey deep into the depth of your SOUL.

We must consciously choose to prepare and to gather our jewels, our gifts, our courage and strength to ask ourselves these questions:

~ Why am I needing this journey?

~Why am I heading on this quest?

~ What am I bringing to offer as a gift?

~ What is here for me to find?

~What is here for me to let go of?

~ What am I holding on to that is holding me back from living the life of my Purpose?

~ What fear, doubt, guilt or shame is still lurking deep within me?

~ What anger is still here that creates wars and battles within my own heart?

~ How can I feel and unleash my own "Sacred Rage" and use it as a tool to empower my Soul and those around me as we come into each other's battlefield of life?

Your Rage is Sacred.

You Sacred Rage is Divine.

Your Sacred Rage is Sovereign.

It stems deeply from the roots of our mothers, grandmothers, our bloodline and all our memories that are being stored within our bones.

This Sacred Rage burns within, like a wild fire upon this Earth. And it takes everything in it's most powerful sweep of destruction, leaving behind bare, black, ash covered land to bring a new rebirth to all new possibilities.

We now dance in it's powerful sacred embrace rooted in love, grace, mercy and justice.

Sacred Rage drives and ignites the Soul on fire to stand up, to rise up, to speak up for all that has been done to and for the world as a whole.

We do this work for our SOULS and for the Souls of ALL humankind.

Sacred Rage is the most powerful tool in the hands of the Dark Goddess, as she dances upon her battlefield with her swords and weapons of discernment and destruction in her thousands of hands, she brings forth all her knowledge and wisdom, all her remembrance to bring her Soul's fire to be unleashed on all that has ever made her feel small, guilty, afraid, ashamed, oppressed, dishonored, disrespected, neglected, abandoned, cheated on, beaten on, belittled, abused, forgotten, hidden, rejected..

This work is for you if you feel angry at your own self because you are stuck and stagnant in the low vibrations of fear, anger or pain and it's gripping and grasping at your Soul, and it won't let you move past your own obstacle of SELF.

Like a nightmare of a slow motion chaos.

So you must vow to be courageous and to commit to doing the deep work, Goddess!

This is a mindset shift.

It’s a decision maker.

It’s a choice to DESCEND deeper then anywhere you have ever been before.

It’s me reminding you how to release your old burdens in an EXTRA SUPERNATURAL MAGIC, EXCAVATION and ACTIVATION of your Divine Soul.

So you yourself can actually Go and DO that, and feel every cold step of the spiral way, embody every aspect of your shadow, be the excavating power to get to the very core of your being and be brave to return your innate power back into your Highest Divine Soul.

This work will shift and change the way you live your life.


Through these 8 weeks together, we will dive into the deep parts of our Souls to find the inner release, inner shift, activation, embodiment, creation and giving birth to your Soul's deepest hidden gift and purpose.

Yes - 8 WEEKS, 7 Mystical Gateways of Finding your wholeness and divinity to co-create with the power of the DIVINE. Inspired and channeled for you from the sacred tools, gifts, ideas, strategies, divine transmissions and downloads ... that I have and continue to gather for the past many lifetimes.

GODDESS, are you ready to journey together into the depth of your SOUL?




Message me for your personal plan link and any other offerings/local/family divine goddess code.

I SAY "YES" NOW ~ SHADOW MAGIC II ~ SACRED RAGE + Shadow Magic 1:1 Private Session: Message me for the link!


You are READY to take another chance at being true to your SOUL.

You have what it takes to quit your own old stories, no matter how real or valid they might be, and consciously descend to the bottom of the dark cave inside your Soul.

You are BRAVE and willing to make a VOW to your SOUL to go on your own inner pilgrimage and your own Dark Night JOURNEY of the Soul.

You are sick and tired of being stuck where you are in a place of burned out, stagnant, dry, moldy, cold and frozen patterns of your life.

You know that what you are gathering back into yourself is already within YOU.

You have to choose NOW to go beyond the very idea of following any kind of light or darkness, rules or structures and just start listening to your Soul now, showing up, start creating and leading NOW, as the person you envision yourself to be one day.

You are ready to say “YES” to your Soul NOW.

You are willing to go on the powerful DIVINE journey of your purpose work NOW.


And I am the person to guide you now on this journey of creating and manifesting your innermost sacred intentions through this deep dark journey of your Sacred Rage that's ready to light your Soul on Fire.

I am your Soul Sister to hold you accountable, for you to not be late to your own purpose work, or lazy in recognizing your own stories and excuses of "Never", "Not yet", "Tomorrow" or "Monday", and be there by your side as you integrate and implement the energy and movement of "how"!

The "How" is found inside of "Sacred Rage" and deep in the Soul.

Let’s get dark and fertile.

Let's find YOUR path.

Let's bring up your PURPOSE.


Many spiritual + business online offerings and trainings will teach you how to "get" somewhere, which keeps you in a cycle of not getting anywhere past yourself and where you want to be, but keeps you stuck at the same level day after day, time after time, training after training.

In "Sacred Rage":

We WILL go and we will take a look at healing our wounds and our shadows.

We WILL go on a quest of finding a neutral state of being within your energy center (your SOUL) to act from a place of true SOVEREIGNTY and DIVINITY.

We WILL get closer to achieving YOUR infinite juicy potential.

We WILL release blocks that are keeping YOU from manifesting your deepest Soul's longing.

We WILL make a conscious choice to DECIDE to turn ON the magic within your SOUL.

We WILL activate the HIGHEST VERSION of who you are and your DIVINE SOVEREIGN being.

We will BRING BACK, RECLAIM and OWN all parts of yourself and who you are as you are NOW.


I WILL guide you on the DIVINE ~ SUBLIME ~ MYSTERIOUS journey and I WILL show you how to GET there, and start to immediately shape-shift, liberate and transform your old patterns, stories and beliefs, your outcome and results, your DAILY embodiment and reality of who you came here to be, by acting FROM that place of depth deep inside your SOUL, in a way that sees and meets the very PURPOSE of YOUR Divine Soul.

Instantly seeing your old patterns and numerous stories of WHO you ARE and WHO you are NOT fall away and feel the results shift your life, your soul clients and your ideas come into your energy space and the impact you are able to create for your Soul to begin truly the work of your Soul Purpose, and your overall and total fulfillment and certainty around how you are living your embodied LIFE.

AND! As with all my Divine offerings, you will receive ALL content to keep for life!

~ GODDESS, are you ready to journey together into the depth of your being?


I SAY "YES" NOW ~ SHADOW MAGIC II ~ SACRED RAGE + Shadow Magic 1:1 Private Session: Message me for the link!

Click the link now to claim your space in Shadow Magic II ~ Sacred Rage

~ Shift the mindset, create ideas + flow of energy to bring your PURPOSE to life.

~ Divine guidance, transmissions, downloads, tasks, homework to ensure that the results you desire are being focused on.

~ Powerful Emotional Energy Clearing work to face, see, recognize and release the old patterns of conditioned mind and body.

~ What your Commitment to SHOW UP for your Soul really looks like.


Beautiful Beloved Dark Goddess

You are scared, but you know, you must go anyway.

You know you have not been going ALL IN.

You have had enough with your own SELF standing in your own WAY.

You want to know more about supernatural mystery of who you are.

You long to know what it really means to access and act from your DIVINE HIGHER or your NEXT LEVEL self.

You want to FLIP the switch on so badly and get over your BS excuses, your absence of motivation, your worry or fear of what people will think of you and wonder if YOU can really do it.

You want to turn the DIVINE MAGIC all the way UP ON ALL the inner voices and all things that stop you from simply doing your SOUL PURPOSE WORK now!

You seek the WAYS, PROGRAMS and SYSTEMS that actually feel good to YOU and make your life easier.

You want consistent flow from a place of Divine Soul that brings you RESULTS in systems.

You want to know how to truly create like a divine inspired being that you are, who also hates the rules and doing things like everyone else, creating your own NEW way for your Soul's Purpose.

The secret lies in simply showing up AS YOU!

The more you show up as yourself and be YOU, the more automated every thing will become, and it just gets to be easy.

Doing it all with JOY and fun and EXPANDED VIBES OF YOU!

Once upon a time, I, too, felt afraid, ashamed, guilty, meek and small...

And then?

I figured out what I am now going to teach YOU, in SACRED RAGE!

It has TAKEN me many lifetimes to become the Divine that I am now.

Let me show you how!

I only teach the wisdom I live, and I sell and do offerings the Divine and Soul inspired way, which WILL add ABUNDANCE to your life!

Shadow Magic Reflections from Beautiful Magnetic Goddesses:


Liz Garza

"Going through the Shadow Magic journey in 2018 of the sisters Inanna and Ereshkegal, and in 2019 with the 4 Dark Goddesses and their myths and practices really offered me to go deep into my shadow work. Anya was there all along the way, also going through the work herself. I love the way Anya is undeniably Herself all the while holding sacred space for all around her."


Amanda Vanya

"Before working with Anya in her Shadow Magic course, I was afraid of so many parts of myself. Through this work, I awakened the courage I needed to call all parts of myself home, to dance with my shadows and to embrace and love all that I AM. She has guided me on how to listen to my soul, to rewirte my stories of fear and to step into my wholeness. Her teachings have helped me to claim my essence and be the magical, unique being that I came here to be."


Jessica Jensen

"Through different Alchemical Goddess Trainings with Anya Devi, Anya has opened up a new spiritual world for me. She's my Beautiful Russian Yogini Mentor. I've got even more in touch with who and what I am through her incredible events and coaching. I've become more of who I am. I've connected even more to the divine forces that love us, and the Divine qualities in me. And again - I've become more empowered and free! I feel like I've found my "tribe" of women with her and her groups."

Powerful Dark Goddess!

Are you READY to journey with me?

Shadow Magic is an 8 weeks of DIVINE LIVE TRANSMISSION through ancient practices of yoga ~ (7) Dark Goddess LIVE Sadhana with invocation, mudra, mantra, asana/dance, meditation, Shadow ~ Enchantress ~ Moon Magic practices of ritual, art, craft, sacred conversation, Emotion + Energy clearing and healing practices, 7 group Energy Healing integration calls + Money Magic Business mentorship tasks and tips to begin creating your dream into reality ~ all divinely guided through the channel of resonant ENERGY and SOUL.

This 8 week LIVE online journey is my offering to support the divine feminine essence of who we truly are as women, as we shift and move through light and darkness in full power and control of our Shakti forces, bringing forward our sacred “yes”, our soul purpose and call to action.

We are reminded and guided to continue on the path of growth and spiritual re-awakening into our full potential of our purpose here on earth.

We are the ones churning our own ocean of love from which we seek and find our dharma.

And as Women we know the mysterious ways of our being ~ a woman ~ goddess ~ yogini ~ creatress ~ visionary ~ teacher ~ light worker ~ facilitator ~ seer ~ magic woman ~ entrepreneur ~ shamanka ~ natural woman ~ angel ~ warrioress ~ shadow dancer ~ shape shifter ~ wild woman ~ dragon woman ~ role model ~ way shower ~ muse ~ artist ~ mystic ~ medium ~ witch ~ oracle ~ wise woman ~ young maiden ~ psychic ~ clairvoyant ~ mother ~ fairie ~ dakini ~ business woman ~ SHE, who is MY SOUL SISTER!

About your guide ~ Anya Devi.


I am Anya.

My devotion and dedication to you, sister, is to be of service of empowering, guiding, divine feminine essence of healing through practical and supernatural embodied practices as a guide, teacher, mentor and a nurturing force of fierce, unconditional love and support.

I offer unique healing practices and powerful energy work individually and in a group setting.

I work with incredible, inspired divine women ~ feminine leaders ~ wisdom teachers ~ sacred healers like YOU, who are ready to truly see themselves for who they are and to truly go all in on their soul calling.

I live North of Salt Lake City, Utah with my family. I am currently in a 2020 Global Pandemic situation and everything else seems to be on hold. I acknowledge and deeply honor all the people who have been affected by the Virus in illness and death. Always in my highest Soul.

This time has shifted much in the world and in the consciousness of humanity. It has empowered many people in different ways as well as it has put a lot in a frozen way of being.

After many MANY years of living and being stuck in a frozen patterns and not going all in on my SOUL, NOT speaking my truth or doing what I really wanted to do in the world, I finally said YES to my SOUL's purpose and sharing my deep soul message, AND to doing the work, and now, well...

Here we are.

I have been guided and so blessed to build up an INCREDIBLE online community of inspired, conscious, driven, serving with purpose women - entrepreneurs and leaders of ALL styles and all kinds, and each day I GET to do what I have always wanted to do, which is to teach, motivate, educate, empower, inspire and remind you of who you are ~ Divine Woman ~ Goddess ~ Queen ~ DIVINE MAGIC!

I create a Sanctuary space wherever I go, online or in person just by being true to who I am, to my purpose that keeps revealing itself to me through out the years, speaking my truth and following the path of my soul, breaking any and all patterns and rules, that don’t feel resonate to me, and also ~ most sacred fave! ~ really just being myself, wherever I am!

I might have more magic now than when I started, but my business was built on, and still runs on, me being the girl who just loves to create and say what needs to be said in the right divine moment, running around usually in her yoga pants, as a hot mess, in between family, being a Mom, a yoga teacher and just, well, being me, living and loving life in all its colors!

I am CALLING to The Alchemical YOU ~ My Soul Sister ~ Priestess ~ Goddess ~ Queen ~ Shakti ~ Devi ~ Woman ~ Yogini on Fire ~ Inner ~ Sanctuary ~ Revolutionary ~ Embodied ~ Feminine ~ Leader ~ Creative ~ Essence of the whole Universe in your own awe and wonder, aware, awake, conscious, compassionate, brave, confident WISDOM and POWER.

My Soul Sister hears the call and she comes to be guided by the Powerful Divine Energy to be present, to rise and to walk into revolutionary, radical, incredible ways of each unique journey of the Soul to find and truly claim her Purpose.

She who is ready to fully embrace her dark sister and to offer her deepest truest authentic sympathy to the feminine of her soul and offer all this healing to her ancestors.

I am calling women ~ sisters ~ my soul-mates to join me in the descent into the most terrifying parts of ourselves to find healing…

We begin on the Dark Moon ~ May 22, 2020 .




Message me for your personal plan link and any other offerings/local/family divine goddess code.

Take this Divine Journey with me, Sister and let me guide you.

Remember Who You Are ~ Divine Magic




I want to mention one more thing:

The real Shadow on this journey is YOU.

And you can’t honestly live with yourself for another day if you have to keep going to bed each night knowing you’re not all in on who you are!


Let's clear the old debris, old emotions, old energy, old stories and patterns, so we can begin creating your own NEW way of being!

All with me right there by your side to support you and help you implement it!

Beautiful Dark Goddess?

Say yes.

IT’S TIME for some Shadow Magic.

It's time to UNLEASH your Sacred Rage.


Let’s do this.

Let’s do it now.

Message me now!