Soul Clients Testimonials


~ Just one clearing has done me wonders love! I completely turned the corner where I was able to let go of all the hurt feelings. Thank God I'm breathing easier." ~ Jessica J (The Spiral)

~ I just had a powerful clearing healing session with Anya Devi. I had been physically and spiritually preparing for it since we began 21-day Shadow Magic course. My intention for the Goddess journey was “Alchemy”. Turning the lead and compost of my life into Gold. I was ready for a huge shift in my perspective, I actually needed it desperately. Today I felt as if that intention also played a part in our session. Anya had asked me to think of an intention for our Manifestation clearing call. She had asked me to create a powerful intention. I thought of a pretty huge one, it is a certain sum of money. During our initial opening, I got the sense that we were in a huge expansive portal. I began receiving text messages from an attorney’s office, which was unusual. I ignored them until after our session. I lost my home in the Paradise, California fire. After our call I checked the messages. The Fire attorney messaged me; things were going in my favor. Another text came through during our manifestation call. I had been negotiating for a higher sum of money, 3 times higher to be exact. The power company who accidentally burnt our town, wants to put an easement in on my property, so I knew they had the money, they were trying to low ball me. Well, during the call, they accepted my price. I was getting chills and goosebumps as we continued our manifestation clearing. I was laughing, as if it was comical watching the universe manifest before our eyes what I had asked for…Money. It is so important to ask for what we truly desire. At one-point Anya said something about… “Money as my lover wanting to come to me, desiring to come to me”. I see this exact sum of money desiring to be my lover and coming into my loving hands. It is magical and feels completely in alignment with truth, expansion, and the Alchemy I had originally set as my intention. Reflecting what is now the burnt remains of my property after the huge catastrophic fire, The Alchemical Phoenix has left me a Golden egg. ~ Christina M (Shadow Magic Quantum course + Manifestation Clear)

~ My beloved sister oracle, Anya Devi did an energetic healing on me and I am blessed beyond measure for the depths we plummeted to embrace my shame and transmute it into living light. I found out I am here for the suffering wound of all the women and all children suffering what I know is truth, because I lived it in my body/ heart and I know this is now my powerful medicine and it comes from my experience when I was 2, 4, and 7 years old. Anya is a truly gifted healer, wise beyond her own knowing. She helped me BREAKTHROUGH, break open, and I can't stop crying tears of joy, tears of release, of utter surrender to my holy father/ mother Christ- Sophia. I feel on course and in perfect harmony with God's divine plan which is always raising and redeeming the Earth and all her creatures. If anyone desires a true soul with emaculate LOVE and a high vibrational pure HEART and the ability to lend a true hand on your behalf with you, so you may heal right NOW, Anya is who my soul recommends! Seriously, 64 years of this shit and I am being released in this magical moment of ME! I am so grateful Anya!!!🙏💙🙏~ Sarah Parker (Emotional Clearing Root Clear)

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