The Alchemical God/dess Grail Queen Oracle Sessions


The Alchemical God/dess Oracle SESSIONS

Multidimensional Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings & Light Body Ascension Fieldwork 1:1 Sessions with Anya Devi

Session 1

Your Origin Finding out who you are, where you come from, your mission & your sacred why

Reptilian Interface Teachings. Dark Matrix Extractions & Clearing.

Session 2

Divine Feminine Embodiment. Essence of Sophia. Grail Queen Guidance. Creativity. Flow. Sacred Rage. Healing deep ancestral wounds. Letting Go.

Session 3

Divine Masculine Resurrection. Merge with True Energy of Christ. Grail King Guidance. Purpose Soul Work. Divine Action. Protection. Trust. Masculine Healing of Corruption.

Session 4

Hieros Gamos Divine Union. Sacred Marriage. Christ Sophia Wings Return & Restoration of the Divine Union Architecture Template in the Light Body. Inner harmony. Balance. Devotion. Partnership. Play. Divinity. Purpose & Vision.

Session 5

Crystalline Womb Awaken to Your Sacred Sexual Sovereignty. Activate your Womb & Heart connection.

The Sessions are 60-120 min on Zoom and must be spaced at least 1-2 full weeks apart to allow for spaciousness in the energetic clearing process. We can create your call schedule together.

About your guide Anya Devi:


Anya Devi's areas of Focus:

Watch my video on YouTube, where I talk more about this offering:

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Book a 15 min Free Call With Me

Single sessions can be purchased at a current offering of $165

**4 Session Bundle PAY IN FULL $600

4 Session Bundle Payment Plan $160 down + $160/mo x 3 = $640 total

Ask me for a trade/single mother/scholarship support!

You will be able to register & book your first session after our initial free 15 min chat!

I am looking forward to working together!


Anya Devi

The Alchemical God/dess

Multidimensional Grail Queen Oracle

This offering of Quantum Fieldwork, Energy Work, Emotional Clearing work and all that I offer is in pure service to the Divine Mother Earth, to the Holy Father Sky, to divine masculine & divine feminine Christ Sophia, to liberation of all living beings and to the ancient Wisdom of Love, Truth & Ascension.

I stand and intervene for all of humanity.

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