The Alchemical God/dess Oracle SESSIONS

Multidimensional Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings & Light Body Ascension Fieldwork 1:1 Sessions with Anya Devi



Activate Your Origin & Your Blueprint I help you find out who you are, where you come from, your Soul Language, your GIFTS, your mission & your sacred why... Awaken to your Sacred Unique Codes of WHO YOU ARE!


Shadow Work Reptilian Interface Teachings. Shadow Work. Dark Matrix Extractions & Clearing old programs & limited believes. Awaken to your Innocence, while stepping into Dark Arts Oracle Fieldwork & empower yourself with self-knowledge, with your divine mission, fueled by your strength, confidence & your sacred medicine.


The Alchemical God/dess Divine Feminine teachings. PRIESTESS. YOGINI. DAKINI. ORACLE. Embodiment. Divine Essence of Sophia. Divine Feminine Christ. Grail Queen Guidance. Goddess with Thousands of Faces. Solar Feminine. Creativity. Flow. Sacred Rage. Healing deep ancestral wounds. Letting Go. Crystalline Womb Healing. Awaken to Your Sacred Sexual Sovereignty. Activate your Womb & Heart connection. Toxic Dark Feminine Clearing.


Divine Masculine Resurrection. Merge with True Energy of Christ Frequency. Grail King Guidance. Purpose Soul Work. Divine Action. Protection. Trust. Structure. Organization. Masculine Healing of Corruption. Toxic Dark Masculine Clearing.


Hieros Gamos Divine Union teachings. Sacred Marriage. Inner Marriage. Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Christ Sophia Wings Return & Restoration of the Divine Union Architecture Template in the Light Body. HEART. Inner harmony. Balance. Devotion. Partnership. Play. Pleasure. Divinity. Purpose & Vision.

The Sessions are 60-90 min on Zoom. If more than one session, they are recommended to be spaced at least 2 weeks apart to allow for spaciousness in the energetic clearing process. We can create your call schedule together.

Every theme holds tremendous depth & wisdom beyond one session & many codes are unlocked in moving through energy, time & space of continues sessions, & a spiritual mentorship we are able to create with each other.

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Anya Devi

The Alchemical God/dess

Multidimensional Grail Queen Oracle

This offering of Quantum Fieldwork, Energy Work, Emotional Clearing work and all that I offer is in pure service to the Divine Mother Earth, to the Holy Father Sky, to divine masculine & divine feminine Christ Sophia, to liberation of all living beings and to the ancient Wisdom of Love, Truth & Ascension.

I stand and intervene for all of humanity.

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