THE ALCHEMICAL ART OF YOGA ~ the Divine Feminine Way

30 HR YTT Module

Mastery Course with The Alchemical Goddess/Temple Body Artist & Yogini Anya Devi

You are invited into a weekend of sacred multidimensional mystery, magic & alchemical weaving together of modern & ancient practices of wisdom for your Divine Human Mind, Body & Soul

Discover & receive ancient, authentic healing tools, myths & teachings, multidimensional movement meditation & breath, Sadhana, Mantra, Mudra, cosmic practices & downloads of yoga, available for your earthly embodiment, beyond what is already known & familiar to you

Step onto your mat, like you’ve never had before, to awaken every cell of your body temple to the power of your energy field, to receive healing, to journey together into the quantum field, the earth grids, the higher realms & dimensions of your consciousness & infinite potential

Join us for this ytt weekend initiation into the high-level multidimensional mastery, mystery & wisdom behind all that is sacred, sovereign & holy

In the Divine Feminine way